Strategic Sourcing the best Products & Services at the best value. Quality. Cost savings.

Business efficiency drives everything you do from day-to-day operations to financial results. At Aksert, we understand that, and our experienced associates give you access to new procurement practices and supply chain efficiency.

  • Supply chain improvement
  • Finding and selecting suppliers
  • Planning and implementing new sourcing strategies
  • Make, buy, purchasing and logistic advisory and execution
  • Outsourcing procurement

Strategic Sourcing is not just about reducing purchasing prices or getting the cheapest products or services. It comprises the analysis of your customers’ needs, market conditions and the goals you set for your company. It is an ongoing process to get the best product or service at the best value, based on data and market intelligence. Aksert can examine the supplier relationships across your company, and you win competitive advantage with that:

  • Increase the quality of your products
  • Standardise pricing
  • Access to new suppliers, with better quality inputs for your company
  • Cost savings along the supply chain
  • Improve your overall operational efficiency

With our international business networks in Latin America and the European Union, we deliver local results where other firms cannot. Contact us to set-up a consultation to find out how we can increase your procurement efficiency and global reach of your sourcing.

Sourcing is also a Social Responsibility issue. In the wake of increasing globalisation, we have become increasingly conscious not only of what we buy, but also how the goods and services we buy have been produced.