Renewable Energy Projects. That is your passion. It is ours too. We match your expertise with ours, they are complementary.

Are you a Promoter, a Project Owner? We can get your project up and going with equity from our investors and depending on the country, bank credit facilities covering the supply of equipment and machinery and in some cases the engineering costs too.

We are focused on PV – Photovoltaic, Wind, Biomass, Hydro and Biofuel in Emerging Markets. Why Emerging Markets? Because they offer better ROI to our investors. On their turn, our investors rely on our local expertise to help them mitigate their risks. While we do business, we are also working to improve the environment, globally.

You live Renewable Energies as your passion. You master the technicalities, the measurements, operation projections and calculations. We know our investors and each local bank too. We advance hand in hand with you to build a solid business project on top of the technical project you devised. This increases the probabilities of funding for it, be it equity and/or financing.

Your project is complex? Even better. We like to work hard and solve difficult puzzles. If you can’t get your complex project done, Get Started with Aksert®. Send us your business challenge to . We will contact you back within two working days for a preliminary assessment of your project.