Market Entry

Market Entry & Competitive Intelligence in 30 vital markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Precise. Cost Effective.

You know how competitive the business world is and you know an ever-expanding market share is important to the success of your business. Through advancements in IT, communications, quicker logistics, the World is shrinking rapidly – prepare to adapt successfully with Aksert, or see your business shrink.

Even if you are not prioritizing the international leverage of your company, be sure your competitors are doing so and increasing the profitability and value of their businesses. Aksert knows in depth the channels in the European Union, China and the most important Latin American countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. We know about the local end-consumer behaviour in each country and we have established along the years a productive advisory reputation among the purchasers of retail chains, importers and distributors. If your existing lacklustre global sales give you no joy, contact Aksert for a Marketing, Sales & Logistic Diagnosis aimed at increasing your margins and market-share:

  • Detecting and closing marketing gaps
  • Map  and resolve performance issues in the sales channels
  • Find out and solve logistic ineficiencies
  • Define International Sales Strategies

Are you Entering New Markets? That requires accurate Competitive Intelligence, an understanding of the culture, and a solid strategy, to begin with – all of which can be very costly if you aim to do it yourself. Next step, you need to find out how to best showcase your products into each market. Why reinvent the wheel, risk your money and spend much time doing so? You can quickly profit from existing Aksert insights, and gain market-share in new and existing markets for your products and services.

Aksert’s associates offer more than ten years hands-on experience in the field and we help you overcome international barriers. 

When you need to take your business international and expand your bottom line, think Aksert. Through Market Entry, and Strategic Sourcing , let us save you time to focus on other areas of your business while we make the global connections you need. Contact us today to receive valuable insights that can get your international plans and projects going.