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You are an experienced independent consultant working for your clients. You are looking to expand into international markets to better help your clients. Perhaps you also need additional expertise to keep your clients happy and, most important, keep them as your clients before they sign a contract with one of your competitors.

How to do it safely, without risking your business?

Join the Aksert Team as an Associate Independent Consultant. We can grow your business and revenues by selling your consulting solutions, insights, skills and expertise to Aksert’s portfolio of global clients. We can also offer to you our expertise to complement your skills and increase your client’s loyalty.


    You are treated like a valuable professional (you are, indeed)

   You work easier surrounded by helpful and friendly colleagues

   Add new expertise that can be offered to your clients

   Start leveraging your present business to the world

   Increase your revenues when competences match between us


At Aksert we strive to make business happen for every associate that works with us. While we work hard together, we do not forget to keep a healthy business environment, because for us, to work is also to be glad we work together.


  Get business working for you.

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