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Strategic Sourcing Briefing

Sourcing is where a successful business starts. If you do not update frequently your sourcing strategy, you risk losing margins, market share and ultimately cause grave problems for the existence of your company. The global sourcing market suffered huge transformations in the last twenty years, with China being a major reason for those changes. However, experts agree that the age of cheap China is ending. What are the new global sourcing trends? Read our Strategic Sourcing Briefing brochure and contact us to know how we can help you.


How to Protect your Business in a time of Global Expansion

The world is shrinking in logistical terms thanks to modern technology. For most, that means that any potential market place for their business becomes more accessible and significant potential for expansion presents itself. The candid plan is to work out a strategy based on how to make yourself known worldwide and to profit from this. If you are wondering what is wrong with that approach, then perhaps you need to connect yourself with Aksert. Either that or learn to play chess! Download our brochure and contact us to know more..

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Ideas to (Consistently) Grow your Business

Research show that small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are more effective in identifying opportunities compared to larger, well established firms. But it also shows that SMBs perform less when there is need to develop sustainable competitive advantages from those same business opportunities. In a couple of words: SMBs in general are agile but lack consistence. Read how to overcome those issues and contact us so we can share with you how we can help you.